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September 18, 2023 | Built-In Technology


Sustainability in focus

HAILO has proven itself for more than three quarters of a century with innovative products "Made in Germany", making households and workplaces more comfortable and safer. The fact that the family-owned company from Haiger, Germany, which is owned by the third generation of the Loh family and is managed by Jörg Lindemann, is also breaking new ground in sustainability issues will be the focus this year at its appearance at SICAM from October 17 to 20, 2023 in Pordenone in northern Italy. "Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy," says Jörg Lindemann. "People-oriented corporate development has determined our actions since the company was founded. And HAILO is constantly adapting its sustainability strategy to meet requirements. After all, we want to create value for our customers as well as our employees and acknowledge our responsibility to society."
HAILO fulfills this responsibility at various levels: Protecting the environment is an important part of corporate policy, but labor and human rights, ethical issues and sustainable procurement are also a recurring focus. The spectrum ranges from energy efficiency measures, which have been certified by various institutions, to regional engagement such as tree sponsorships, to involvement in initiatives for correct separation of waste.

Waste separation systems made of recycled material
HAILO built-in systems have a long service life – often over decades – and therefore generate little waste. If the life cycle does come to an end, the pure, high-quality materials used contribute to the fact that HAILO products are up to 100 percent recyclable. This applies to both the plastics used and the steel processed. In the future, the use of recycled materials will also play an important role in production. For a long time now, aluminum recyclate has been used for the ladders, steel is produced in Germany from more than 40 percent recycled material, and HAILO is also increasingly using recycled materials in the area of plastics. At SICAM, HAILO will also be presenting waste separation systems whose plastic components are made from recycled materials...

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