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March 01, 2024 | home & business

HAILO at the International Hardware Fair: more than 70 years of ladder expertise

HAILO is presenting two new products at the International Hardware Fair (Eisenwarenmesse) in Cologne: whilst the ladder platform HAILO LP Outdoor makes stable work possible outdoors, even on uneven surfaces, the telescopic ladder HAILO T100 FlexLine adds a ladder to the company’s portfolio that meets the requirements of the "Technical Rules for Operational Safety" thanks to its steps.

Both products, like many others in the HAILO product range, are real problem-solvers and thus fit into the company’s long-standing tradition: since 1947, the HAILO red dot has stood for quality, innovation, safety and good design. Since then, the company’s products have now provided additional safety and comfort in private households and the commercial sector.


An invention changes the world of ladders

As well as bins and waste separation systems, the product range of the HAILO home & business division includes a wide range of steps and ladders. Ladders occupy a special position in the company’s history: the company made its breakthrough with the invention of the first aluminium household ladder in 1960: “Until then, ladders were made of steel and were therefore heavy and cumbersome. The aluminium household ladder provided the basis for our company’s global success story,” says the current CEO Jörg Lindemann. With a brand awareness of more than 80 %, HAILO ladders are now the first choice for people purchasing ladders. The company is the European market leader for steps and ladders.

Award-winning innovations for more than 70 years

In addition to the quality of the products, the company’s great success is based on its high innovative power. In the 1980s, HAILO again set benchmarks in the industry with the first rung ladder with level adjustment, which was later refined to become the LOT system, and with multifunctional feet. In the same way, benchmarks were set by the innovative stair platform TP1: the work platform can be used as a safe problem-solver in stair-wells, for example.

Such ideas and others from Haiger have brought HAILO numerous awards for innovation, design and quality over the course of its history – ranging from Stiftung Warentest to various design awards, such as the iF Design Award. HAILO has recently received two new awards: HAILO achieved second place in the "Household goods" category of Focus Money’s DEUTSCHLAND TEST and received the “Company of the Year 2024” seal. HAILO’s household ladders have received the PLUS X AWARD. Ever since 2004, the HAILO brand has had an entry in the "Brands of the Century" encyclopaedia. Therefore, HAILO is amongst the 250 most important German brands, which is also reflected in the international brand awareness: the company’s products are now sold around the world.

HAILO LP Outdoor: safe work on uneven ground

Cleaning gutters, pruning hedges or trees, painting window frames – there are many outdoor tasks that require people to work at a height. This involves risks because stability is hardly guaranteed on an uneven surface. A simple and innovative idea from HAILO provides a remedy.

The experts in ladders and climbing systems have developed a ladder platform in the form of HAILO LP Outdoor that compensates for uneven ground – individually according to the relevant conditions on the spot. Thanks to the non-slip textured coated board, the platform can be used as a safe work platform. If greater height is needed for the activity in question, HAILO LP Outdoor serves as a stable platform for all HAILO folding steps and stepladders of up to and including five steps. "When we bring new products to the market, we proceed according to a very simple formula: is there a problem for which the market does not yet have a solution to hand? If the answer is "yes", we develop one," says Dr Caroline Heins, head of the home & business division at HAILO. “That was what happened with HAILO LP Outdoor. We already have ladder or stair platforms in our portfolio, but nothing specifically for outdoors, where the requirements are often different to those indoors.” For example, HAILO LP Outdoor can compensate for a considerable slope of up to 46 %, as the height of the feet can be adjusted individually by a quick-locking mechanism and adapted to the surface beneath them. The four feet are equipped with additional ground spikes. These guarantee stability even on a soft surface.

Other safety features make HAILO LP Outdoor the perfect companion for gardening and landscaping, for home owners, caretakers and anyone else who is working at a height outdoors: an integrated spirit level ensures that the platform is level, a detachable handrail means that the platform can be ascended safely and the option of attaching it to folding steps and step ladders makes optimal stability possible. Two carry handles integrated into the work surface make the platform easy to transport and stow away.

Safety and flexibility: HAILO T100 FlexLine with aluminium steps

The new HAILO T100 FlexLine, an aluminium telescopic ladder that enables people to work at a reach height of around 3.60 m thanks to its 9 steps, combines safety and comfort. The new ladder model has a range of comfort functions that make the work as comfortable as possible for the users.

HAILO T100 FlexLine features a unique one-hand unlocking mechanism for retracting the ladder. Thanks to air friction damping, the slow slide technology ensures gentle movements. The model is flexibly adjustable and can be extended step by step until the desired height is achieved. Thanks to the 80 mm-deep aluminium steps with non-slip ribbing, the HAILO T100 FlexLine is also suitable for prolonged work at a height: “The new development not only makes it more comfortable to work at a height – it also meets the requirements of the “Technical Rules for Operational Safety,” says Dr Caroline Heins, head of the home & business division at HAILO. They recommend that temporary work at a height only be carried out on steps as a general rule because of ergonomic and safety aspects. And this is what we can offer with the new model, as the step solution is, of course, significantly more comfortable in the private sphere and for short projects.

HAILO T100 FlexLine also protects the surfaces against which the ladder is leant thanks to a rubberised wall impact protector. It can be pushed together to save space, has a load capacity of up to 150 kg and is easy to transport thanks to the webbing fixture and its low weight (4.7 kg). Whether it is used professionally or for private work: “The T100 FlexLine is the first choice for anyone who prioritises safety and comfort.”

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