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Schneemann im Garten vor einem weihnachtlich geschmückten Haus

Decorating the house for Christmas

The year is coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner - which means it's time to decorate the house! You can start decorating for Christmas as early as the first Advent, 28 November, because that's when the pre-Christmas season officially begins. Here are a few of the best tips and tricks for festive decoration in your garden and home.

Ideas for indoors and outdoors

Christmas decorations can be added to more than just your tree, because there is so much more to decorate. In this way, you can create your own personal Christmas winter paradise in your home and garden. We'll show you how to create a cosy and fitting atmosphere for this special celebration with a few simple ideas for your decorations.

Fairy lights make your house and garden glow

A string of lights not only looks good on a Christmas tree, but also on a window, on furniture or on the balcony. They cast a warm light into the room, creating a cosy atmosphere. Simply attach the light chain to the window frame with adhesive tape or to the staircase or balcony railing with a cable tie. Make sure that the light chain is also suitable for outdoor areas. Nails are a useful tool for attaching them to the wall. You can also bathe your trees in the garden in a warm, bright light and thus bring the Christmas spirit outside as well. Simply wrap the chain around the tree. Start at the top and work your way down. This not only looks beautiful, but also lights up the garden in the dark winter months.

Outside decorations? You bet!

To add the finishing touches to the Christmas flair on your property, you can add other glowing elements to the front garden or façade in addition to the fairy lights. A glowing Father Christmas in his sleigh or a snowman brings some colour into the darkness and is sure to attract all eyes. If you prefer something simpler, you can opt for a less conspicuous decorative element, such as a wreath on the door using a simple hook or a sprig of mistletoe in the entrance. This is possible with a dowel in the ceiling, among other things. This way, your house will also look Christmassy from the outside and become a real eye-catcher.

Handicrafts with the family

You can easily make your own decorations for Halloween or Easter, and Christmas is no exception. Why not sit down with your family on a cosy evening and make a few paper poinsettias or paint a Christmas picture together, which you can then use to decorate the house? With a bit of tape, they will also stick to windows or cupboards, otherwise you can resort to a few nails or drawing pins.

Decorating the Christmas tree

Of course, the Christmas tree should not be overlooked when decorating! Here, too, shining lights must not be missing. As is the custom, you need plenty of shimmering and shiny baubles to bring the tree to life. A bit of tinsel between the branches and a beautiful cloth draped around the base of the trunk complete the picture. Once it's decorated and the presents are underneath, there's nothing to stop the Christmas spirit!

Taking decorating to new heights

When you want to decorate your home and get it ready for the festive season, you often have to climb heights. Whether it's attaching a string of lights to the Christmas tree that reaches up to the ceiling or sticking it to the window frame, which requires climbing a ladder. For this purpose, you should use a ladder on which you can stand safely and stably. The HAILO product range offers an extensive selection of ladders for this purpose, which are the perfect helpers for indoor and outdoor use at any height. The HAILO L100 TopLine ladders not only give you stability at height, but also slip resistance thanks to the anti-slip ribbing on the steps. The particularly deep steps make for an even more comfortable way of working, which allows you to be pleasant and relaxed when decorating the Christmas decorations. For additional safety on the top step of the ladder, there is an extendable safety bracket so that the top of the Christmas tree can also be placed safely. After you have put up your Christmas decorations and the house is decorated, all you need are a few candles to set the right mood. Now you’re ready for Christmas!

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