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Hello autumn - work that has to be done in autumn

Many people associate the autumn season with the colourful leaves that decorate our gardens and forests. But above all, the varied play of colours announces that winter is already just around the corner. This means that it is time to make your garden fit for winter.  You can read about the work involved and what to look out for here.

Snip, snip, branches off!

Some trees need to be pruned in late autumn. The missing leaves can make your work easier, as it is easier to see which branches need to be removed and which do not. You should also trim hedges once more to protect them from rot. This can occur if hedges are left untrimmed and are very wet. Most shrubs and bushes can also be trimmed in autumn if necessary.

Mow the lawn? Of course!

You can and should maintain your lawn regularly in autumn until the end of October or beginning of November when you cut it for the last time before the onset of winter. It is important that you remove the autumn leaves covering the lawn several times a week. Otherwise, your lawn could be damaged as the leaves intercept the valuable last rays of sunlight. In addition, you should take care not to cut the grass too short, because longer grasses can absorb the sun's rays better. This also helps to reduce the formation of moss. If you stick to this procedure, you will be able to enjoy a healthy lawn next spring.

Can I plant something already?

There are plants that can survive the frosty season. Therefore, you can already plant something or other in the autumn. Roses, for example, are plants that are best planted in autumn so that they have already grown and flourished somewhat by spring. Don't forget to mound the roses with some soil to prepare them optimally for the cold season. However, you should still refrain from planting particularly frost-sensitive plants, as they would not survive the winter.

Autumn is also a good time to move plants within the garden. Transplanting is a good idea because the soil has absorbed enough moisture from all the rain in autumn. This makes the plants feel particularly comfortable in their new surroundings. They begin to take root and often experience a significant growth spurt. This creates a beautiful picture in your garden, especially in spring.

Protect plants

Potted plants should be overwintered in a place where they are protected from cold and freezing. Bulbs of summer flowers, such as dahlias, should be dug up and stored in a well-ventilated container in a dry place. Sensitive plants that you cannot bring indoors need winter protection. This includes roses, for example. Such plants should be covered with foliage or fleece to protect them from frost and thus from dying. You can buy such a fleece at any DIY store around the corner and do your plants some good.

Don't forget to turn off the water!

In winter, water hoses and sprinkler systems are no longer needed. To prevent possible frost damage, it is important that you drain the water and turn off water connections in good time. You should do this in October. After turning off the water, turn on the outdoor taps to let the remaining water drain off and thus protect them from frost. It is best to store hoses, sprinklers and the like in a frost-protected place, such as the cellar. This way, you can continue to enjoy a functioning irrigation system for your garden next year.

Small and big helpers in the garden

To make pruning shrubs and trees easier, a practical and stable ladder can help. Preferably with a foot that compensates for unevenness so that you can use it anywhere in the garden. So take a quick look at the HAILO S100 ProfiLOT with integrated LOT system, which can compensate for uneven ground of up to 15 cm. With it, you can trim your trees safely and conveniently.

We also have the right accessories for stabilising stepladders in the garden. The HAILO EasyClix Garden interchangeable foot set turns your indoor stepladder into a garden ladder in no time - giving you the footing you need to ensure your safety, even on earthy ground!

If you need a little more flexibility to carry out your gardening work, it's worth taking a look at our HAILO M60 made of aluminium, because the combination of working platform as well as single and stepladder makes it a true all-rounder. Six safety joints are used to lock and unlock the ladder parts, making it easy and convenient to convert the universal ladder. In addition, the non-slip ribbed rungs provide you with optimum footing so that you can carry out your work in peace, even when high up. As soon as the gardening work is finished, the multifunctional ladder can be easily and compactly stowed away - despite the maximum attainable working height of 4.35 m! So there is nothing to get in the way of either trimming the hedge or pruning the tree.

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