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The most popular tree species in home gardens

Not all trees are the same, but whether it’s a plump cherry tree or a carefully pruned ornamental tree, no garden is complete without it. Germany's gardens are home to an uncountable number of trees and a variety of different tree species. Do you know the most popular ones? Or are you perhaps planning to plant a tree yourself or give one as a gift? Here are the most popular tree species that are at home in German gardens.

What kinds of tree species are there?

A crucial question that arises when choosing the right tree is: how big should it be? The various tree species differ in size. The space available to the tree in your garden is something you’ll need to consider, as is the care that the chosen tree species requires. In addition, there are many other characteristics that can be used to distinguish the tree species from one another. Of course, it is also important to consider what benefits you’d like from your tree. Are you looking for a massive tree to provide shade, a decorative specimen with blossoms that will enhance your garden’s beauty, or are you a passionate amateur gardener who is planning a harmoniously coordinated garden with exotic tree species? There are many possibilities!

Fruit trees are particularly popular in German gardens. This is not surprising – fruit trees not only provide an idyllic atmosphere in the garden, but also a pleasant fragrance and a shady spot for hot summer days. The fruits can also be eaten and used, for example, to make delicious homemade cakes and desserts.

But in addition to the popular fruit trees, there are many other types of trees to consider: decorative deciduous trees with distinctive leaves that enhance the appearance of your garden, especially in autumn, or fragrant conifers, which are suitable for demarcating individual sections of your garden, for example. Nut trees are also popular in gardens. As with fruit trees, they also have a practical function as a source of food.

But which tree species are the most popular in Germany's gardens?

What are the most popular tree species?

Depending on the category mentioned, particularly popular species can be identified that can be found in our gardens.

The most common fruit trees in domestic gardens include the following species: apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, and plum trees.

Among the nut trees, the walnut tree seems to be the most common tree found in Germany's gardens. However, as this is a very large tree species, it is more suitable for large gardens. Hazelnut bushes rarely grow to tree-height, but are also very popular with people and animals.

Deciduous trees are also very common in Germany's gardens: deciduous trees. Classics such as oak, chestnut, birch, beech, and lime dominate here.

Conifers account for the largest share of native wood species. More than half of the total forest stock is coniferous. In gardens they have a very special added value, they are mostly evergreen, thus provide privacy and are quite easy to care for.

Whichever tree you finally decide on, research the characteristics of the respective tree species in advance so that you make the right choice and feel comfortable with your new "garden mate" for decades to come!

Fruit harvesting and tree care

In order to give your trees in the garden sufficient care and to be able to harvest and enjoy the fruits, you will have to go to greater heights. When pruning your trees or harvesting fruit, it’s important to stand safely and stably so that you can carry out your work without any problems. For this you need the right tools – without a suitable ladder, you will not reach your goal. When working in your garden, you might find uneven ground or small slopes. For this reason, you should choose a ladder that adapts to these conditions. The HAILO S100 ProfiLOT is perfect for this. It is equipped with a LOT system that can overcome uneven floors of up to 15 cm. Depending on the number of rungs you choose, you can reach a height of 9m and climb particularly tall trees. This gives you a stable position anywhere in the garden and allows you to harvest your tree’s fruit safely.

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