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Turning a ladder into a coat rack

Stop me if you’ve had this problem before: your hallway coat rack has only five hooks, 20 jackets hang above it, and you always want to get the lowest one out. The result: tedious rummaging through the mountain of jackets. How about a coat rack instead, where jackets can simply be placed behind or next to each other, which is also inexpensive and matches the individual furnishing style? It's time for a new DIY project to remedy the situation: create your very own wardrobe dream from a ladder in just a few steps. We at HAILO would like to inspire your creativity and show you various ways to use a ladder as a wardrobe. Let's do it!

A coat rack ladder as a creative eye-catcher

Whether your ladder is made of metal or wood, you can conjure up a stunning coat rack out of any ladder. With an old wooden ladder, for example in the popular wood tone oak, you bring a piece of nature into your home using a modern upcycling style. With an aluminium ladder, on the other hand, you can bring the trendy industrial style into your four walls. Of course, you can also paint your ladder and make it an eye-catcher with a little colour. A copper tone or a matt black, for example, can give your new furniture a captivating look.

Possible uses for your ladder coat rack

A ladder coat rack is not only a unique eye-catcher in the hallway, but also offers many creative places of use beyond that. For example, the wardrobe ladder in the bedroom is the ideal piece of furniture to showcase beautiful pieces of clothing. Your favourite clothes, which otherwise often fall into oblivion in the depths of the bedroom wardrobe, catch the eye when placed on the clothes ladder. Used in the bathroom, the coat ladder fulfils its function as a towel rack in personal style. No manual dexterity is required for use as a towel ladder. The ladder does not have to be mounted on the ceiling, but can simply be leaned against the wall.

One ladder, two variants

There are basically two ways to turn a ladder into a coat rack. The first of the two options is particularly quick and easy to implement. To do this, either hang the ladder horizontally from the ceiling or mount it horizontally on the wall. Now just attach some coat hangers to the individual rungs of the ladder, and your individual piece of furniture is ready!

Another possibility is to place two ladders vertically opposite each other and connect them with a horizontal clothes rail. The two parts of the ladder form the framework of your new coat rack. A curtain rod, for example, which can be bought at a low price in a DIY store, or a simple wooden broomstick, can be a suitable clothes rail.

Function combined with design

Whether as a functional coat rack or as a decoration in the bedroom or hallway, a ladder can be used in many ways. As the inventor of the aluminium ladder, HAILO offers a wide portfolio of ladder models in different lengths. Just take a look at our online shop. Or maybe you still have an older model in the cellar and just feel like repurposing it. With a little creativity, dowels, and screws, your ladder will speak for itself as a creative wardrobe element.

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