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February 29, 2024 | home & business

DEUTSCHLAND TEST and PLUS X AWARD: HAILO honoured twice at the start of the year

HAILO starts the new business year with a tailwind. Two awards confirm the company with the red dot in its direction: In Focus Money's DEUTSCHLAND TEST, HAILO took second place in the "Household Products" sector and received the "Company of the Year 2024" signet. HAILO's household ladders, in turn, were honoured with the PLUS X AWARD.

"HAILO is a strong brand and our products stand for user-friendliness and durability. The satisfaction of our customers is particularly important to us. The fact that we are on the right track has now been confirmed again by the two awards from an independent source," comments CEO Jörg Lindemann on the two prizes.

Excellent customer satisfaction - confirmed by customers

The PLUS X AWARD in particular is a direct testimony to the company's customer focus. In the "Ladders" category, HAILO has been honoured with the "Highest Customer Satisfaction 2024" logo. What makes this award special is that it comes directly from those who use HAILO products - the consumers. Well over 11,000 end consumers were asked to vote for their favourite brand in 40 different categories in a Germany-wide survey conducted by the German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation. The respondents were highly satisfied with HAILO's ladders, resulting in a very positive assessment.

HAILO was also extremely successful at DEUTSCHLAND TEST. The company was named "Company of the Year 2024" in the "Household Products" sector. The study, which was conducted by DEUTSCHLAND TEST by Focus Money, analysed various aspects - from price and customer trust to sustainability. All aspects were given equal weighting in the overall assessment. HAILO achieved a very good second place here. With this assessment, DEUTSCHLAND TEST also makes a statement about the future viability of the companies included in the study. "Only those companies that have mastered their business well for a long time are really well positioned at the moment (...). And which also now have the strength to drive their business forward despite all adversity," write the initiators of the study in their summary.

"This is a great start into the new year," says Jörg Lindemann. "With these two awards behind us, we will continue to work on making our customers' lives easier with outstanding products in 2024."

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